FINCA FemEdu’s first training phase in the field of Marketing has been completed, a training program dedicated for women in cooperation with the Women’s Economic Chamber G7.

All participants have received detailed knowledge on key marketing concepts, such as designing a successful marketing plan, SWOT analysis, 4 P’ja, PEST analysis, etc. some of which have started implementing knowledge in practice.

Concerning the implementation of knowledge in practice, the participants expressed that it is a challenging field for them, the first stages of implementation have been evaluated as successful, in increasing the number of clients in their businesses and in their conviction as to why to buy their product.

At the end of this training, all client were certified for the participation and dedication shown during the training.

The main goals of this program is empowerment of women in business, empowerment of women in decision-making, and empowerment of women in society.

FINCA FemEdu training program, will continue with further training for FINCA female clients with other important topics in assisting women entrepreneurs.

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