FINCA Kosovo participated in the TV show in Television 21, START UP show, where clients of FINCA Kosovo and the Marketing Manager, Arnisa Xharra were invited, detailing of the support that FINCA Kosovo offers to female entrepreneurs and the implementation of FINCA FemEdu training program in practice.

Mrs. Xharra notifies the audience about the training program and its coopearation with the Women’s Chamber of Commerce ‘G7’. This cooperation was realized with the same aim between FINCA Kosovo and ‘G7’, aiming to empower women in the field of business. She also emphasized that FINCA, as an American Financial Institution, aims to strengthen the position of women in the field of entrepreneurship and society.

For this reason, a product was launched last year just for women entrepreneurs with 0% administrative costs, for business and agribusiness, with favorable conditions. At the same time, FINCA Kosovo launched the FINCA FemEdu training program, which offers easier support and solutions in the way of doing business. Also, Mrs. Xharra indicated that after the launch of the product only for women entrepreneurs, there has been an increase in the number of female clients in FINCA Kosovo.

Through the training program FINCA FemEdu, the clients have expressed that this training program allows them to make a successful marketing plan, how to compile a balance sheet, how to promote their business in social media, and many more topics which enhances their business operations.

Besides FINCA’s female clients who participate in this program, women who are also non-clients have expressed their interest in participating in these training’s and were able to receive certifications in the end.

FINCA Kosovo will continue with the training program aimed at empowering women and offering best access to finance by improving the knowledge needed to develop their business.

See the full video below.